Dallas is the third-largest city in the state of Texas and also a recent graduate of Billy Blue School of Graphic Arts. Graduating with a Bachelor of Design (Communication Design) through Swinburne University he’s learnt many talents such as how to relax and work simultaneously and meet unfair deadlines. He's now available for work and is contactable on:

Dallas Maurer
Sydney, Australia
+61 (0) 413 468 580


3D World Magazine Re-Design 3D World Headings

3D World
Typography & Publication

3D World is a free street publication that helps inform Sydney of all the local events and upcoming gigs. It contains articles, reviews and entertainment news galore but this informative newspaper strong suit was never its design. I tried to bring its design up to meets its content with a clean layout that was able to deliver the information with some class and some interesting type to boot. Also redesigning the logo was one of my top priorities as this also was able to give me some direction as to where to go with the layout. A fun and interesting re-design.

Not Commercially Available

Mooks T-Shirt Design + Packaging Mooks Logo Design

Typography & Packaging

This was a design that was created for the purpose of a collaboration of Mooks and WWF to raise money for local zoo’s. The Packaging and design were created to complement each other. The meat tray was chosen to represent the obvious meat styled text as were the labels and other stickers around the package.

Not Commercially Available

University Of Sydney Mail Out UNSW Logo Design

Typography & Packaging

University of Sydney was a tricky client to create an invitation for as their branding isn’t something that lends itself well to young colourful imagery that well. The invitation was designed to gather students for a Veterinary Science Degree. Once I found a way to create something that was both subtle yet youthful the project tended to create itself, using the front of the invitation to spell out “USYD” in a hairy covered text and the inside to show the bones as if it were an x-rayed animal.

Not Commercially Available

Publication Design for Familes Undergoing Divorce

Five to Nine
Publication & Photography

This magazine was based around the concept of divorce. It’s aimed towards families who are currently or have been through a divorce and are finding it hard to talk to their kids about the whole subject. This magazine provided me with a chance to experiment bold type and images while also giving me time to play with my other beloved hobby, my camera.

Not Commercially Available

Font Design
Font Design


This typeface came about after long wanting a soft yet well italicised alphabet that had a consistent angle. Being my first attempt at creating a typeface it taught me how crucial it is to have flawless lines and angles as when the font is viewed at a large size any imperfections become obvious.

Packaging & Brand Design for Concept Company Logo Designs

Typography & Packaging

“&” is a personal accessory brand that I created for the purpose of fulfilling a need that I felt wasn’t being filled. Having a product that gave you all the tools to create an accessory for your phone or what have you and let you customise it how you want. I played with the identity for a while refining and trying to fully utilize the package. The logo was created to adapt to its product be it a phone, wallet or ipod it can be customised itself.

DVD Packaging Design

Sam & Max
Packaging Design

Sam and Max was a game that I enjoyed as a kid so when the opportunity to create a box set of the new chapter releases came about it was something I wanted to have fun with. The concept was to have something different printed underneath the cd’s so once you remove the cd with say a wallet on it underneath the wallet would be Sam’s drivers licence. The set contains a poster to accompany the box along with a shirt.

Not Commercially Available

Catalogue Design and Illustration

Catalogue Design and Illustration Flats

Illustration & Publication

When beginning to concept ideas for a catalogue that showcases scientific objects for kids I knew I wanted to create something that wouldn’t immediately scream “Catalogue!” So working with some references I created a scene where these objects interacted with each other. After which I printed out and cut out each object and placed them at different heights and re-photographed them to add another dimension to the catalogue. From first sounding like one of the more boring briefs this quickly turned into one of the best.

Not Commercially Available

Soap Bar Packaging and Logo Redesign

O Live Oil
Typography & Packaging

This whole project just was designed in my head while looking at a soap package and thinking of all the different ways it could be improved on. The only thing left to do was to create it. Going from a tiny idea to a finished artwork in a few hours.

Not Commercially Available

Personal Magazine Project

Photography & Publication

This small newspaper like booklet was a personal project that was based around the objects that I would carry with me over the years. Homage to those fantastic devices that would keep me sane in the times that I was away from the house. Each page of the booklet featured a photo of one of my “toys” Throughout the booklet a yellow circle that overlays the photos also indicates the progression through my life along with other visual aids. Each item is also accompanied with a brief description of what the object meant to me and its history.

Invitation to Opening Event

Typography & Design

A detailed style guide has been something I’ve made on a few occasions but not something that I’ve had to follow. So when this brief came around it was something of an adjustment to limit my choices in type and colours. However it became a blessing as I was able to focus on the design and not have to make so many decisions. After I realised this the whole piece fell together really quickly and was a lot of fun to work on.

Not Commercially Available

Personal Photography


Photography has been a long term hobby of mine which iv always used as a break from design. I guess it could be described as procrastinating from the work I should be doing but I feel that it also helps in the way I design and of course in creating photos for my work. Playing with Medium format, Expired film and Polaroids all excite me but whenever my wallet starts to look a tad thin I can always fall back onto digital.

Also please visit my flickr account for more examples here.

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